Environment: Woodland and forestry
Range: Scattered, rare (c1 tooltip)
Diet: Opportunistic omnivore
Height (M 1d12)

Male: 5' - 6'
Female: 4'6" - 5'6"

Weight (3d12)

Male: 95 - 131 lbs
Female: 80 - 116 lbs

Skin: Lightly tanned, florid
Eyes: Light green, light brown
Hair: Dark blond (no golden tones), copper
Lifespan: 170 - 725 yr
Starting age: 104
Alignment: N, CN

Adult Middle Old Venerable
105 170 230 325


  • Sylvan elves are born strongest of their kind - they are more stocky, can display light muscle, and are less elegant, and value physical prowess over strength of the mind. Logic plays little role in their decisions, relying more on intuition.
  • They are more temperamental, more superstitious, and more prone to violence than the rest of elvenkind. 
  • Sylvan elves typically only speak a corrupted version of Elvish with the exception that some learn the language of the animals around them.
  • Like grey elves they are reclusive. However, they are known to sometimes indiscriminately kill outsiders who happen across their encampment. Some tribes will instead follow the stranger to determine their purpose and make an effort to draw them a few to several miles away rather than kill outright.
  • Above other elves they actively hunt and consume meat. In combat they prefer ambush.
  • Hazel and blue eyes are rare to their kind, and they view twins with these coloured eyes as a good omen.
  • They are known for their wild, oft savage, celebrations where they drink and dance alongside large bonfires. Even nomadic tribes with gather in the deep forests every five years for these celebrations.