Environment: Subterranean
Range: Isolated (c1, c4 tooltip)
Diet: Omni-vermivore (primarily fungi, some may keep rothé as livestock)
Height (S 1d6)

Male: 3' - 3'5"
Female: 2'10" - 3'4"

Weight (5d4)

Male: 45 - 65 lbs
Female: 40 - 60 lbs

Skin: Brown or grey, matching stone in hue
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Hairless, grey
Lifespan: 120 - 250 yr
Starting age: 40
Alignment: N

Adult Middle Old Venerable
45 120 160 200+


  • Due to ignorance on the behalf of other races they are often viewed as the evil counterpart to the rock gnome, like drow or the duergar.
  • An ancient race forced into seclusion by their underground livelihood and lack of neutral or good aligned neighbours to ally themselves with. As such they have become marvellous artists, focusing most of their energies on creating.
  • It's true that they have the option to leave the underground however choose not to for the lure of gems is too powerful. Their favoured is the ruby though it is only mined for sacred purposes.
  • Males are completely hairless while females may have thin, sporadic hairs.
  • They are as strong as any other gnome while tending to be thinner and have more narrow faces.
  • All tasks of craft, work, and hunt are left to the males. Female svirfneblin only mind cooking and children, and leave home so rarely they are nearly unknown to even drow.
  • They have an unrivalled ability to stand in absolute motionless for long periods of time, allowing them to often go undetected in the dark or amongst stone.