Environment: Surface
Range: Scattered (c1 tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height (M 1d10)

Male: 4'2" - 5'
Female: 4' - 4'8"

Weight (3d12)

Male:  135 - 171 lbs
Female:  110 - 146 lbs

Skin: Light, pink undertones
Eyes: Blue, green, brown
Hair: Black, brown, both with blue tones
Lifespan:  100 - 300 yr
Starting age: 25
Alignment: LN

Adult Middle Old Venerable
25 100 134 200+


  • Noted for their fear of dark places and being uncomfortable under the open sky or with weather conditions such as rain.
  • They, above other dwarven races, home near mankind where they feel safest and often travel with adventuring parties.
  • With an affinity for the crafts they are willing to work for human and elf alike.
  • Although slimmer than other dwarves they are stronger and taller.