Environment: Hills, preferably of rocky terrain 
Range: Scattered, common (c1, c2 tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height: (S 1d6)

Male: 3'2" - 3'7"
Female: 3' - 3'5"

Weight (5d4)

Male: 72 - 92 lbs
Female: 68 - 88 lbs

Skin: Anywhere from tan to nearly black
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Pale colours, whitens with age
Lifespan: 100 - 400 yr
Starting age: 45
Alignment: NG

Adult Middle Old Venerable
50 100 200 750+


  • The most common sort of gnome depicted in the tales told by man, also the most encountered.
  • They are known for their large noses, cheer, and skill of gem cutting - diamonds in particular. 
  • Said large noses often determine status especially amongst the elders. They may compare them and attempt to poke one another in the eye with them.
  • Of the gnomes, rock are the strongest with physical strength equal to that of man.
  • They do not tan or burn from sun exposure.
  • They are very particular about their beards and may cut them into styles.
  • Like the elves, gnomes are very inclined toward music.
  • Parents typically share a room separated from the rest of the family, with children sharing a common room until adolescence where they are separated by gender.
  • They may rarely wander far enough to visit neighbours but they never leave their burrow forever if there is choice. 
  • Rock gnomes are known sometimes to take in members of other races.