Environment: Surface
Range: Widespread (tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height (M 2d10)

Male: 5' - 6'7"
Female: 4'9" - 6'6"

Weight (6d10)

Male: 140 - 200 lbs
Female: 100 - 160 lbs

Skin: Pale - dark, albinism and melanism sometimes exhibited
Eyes: Brown, green, blue, hazel (rarely others)
Hair: Black, brown, blond, red, greys and whitens with age
Lifespan: 60 - 90 yr
Starting age: 15
Alignment: Any

Adult Middle Old Venerable
16 - 21 45 60 90


  • The only race capable of acheiving paladinhood
  • Humans are capable of interbreeding with nearly every other humanoid race.
  • They are the most flexible in belief, class, ability, adaptability, and personality.
  • Mankind rules over the majority of the world and even where they are not in power they are still likely to dwell.
  • Most adventurers are human.
  • Much like the age of consent, adulthood varies widely and in some cultures may be as young as thirteen.
Some abnormal eye colours or combinations may be approved by Finn.