Environment: Surface - varies greatly; sometimes forming kingdoms
Range: Common (n/e/s/w tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height (M 1d10)

Male: 4'6" - 5'4"
Female: 4'2" - 5'

Weight (3d10)

Male: 90 - 120 lbs
Female: 70 - 100 lbs

Skin: Fair with warm tones, does not tan
Eyes: Dark green, blue
Hair: Light brown - black, blond
Lifespan: 175 - 750 yr
Starting age: 75
Alignment: NG, CG

Adult Middle Old Venerable
110 175 250 350


  • They are the most friendly of the elves, open to befriending those almost of any race. They coexist perfectly with mankind.
  • Contrary to other elves they are known to experience strong wanderlust and as such, should one encounter an elf, they are usually high elves, especially if that elf were an adventurer. 
  • In lore they are often mixed up with the "faerie" sort of grey elf who man first encountered for their beauty, often being painted with their appearance or colouration. 
  • "Blond" here, when referring to a High elf, is soft in tone and less gold than a grey elf's, and blue eyes are unique to them where green only occurs in those with darker hair.
  • Fairy tales speak of their enchanted villages and the craft of their homes - a beauty unmatched by the best of mortal artists. Their lands, serene and pure, are dreamt of by man as an ideal place to pass for no such peace exists elsewhere.