Environment: Slums, sewers, various enclaves
Range: Scattered (c1, c2 tooltip)
Diet: Opportunist omnivore
Height (S-M 2d6)

Male: 3'3" - 4'3"
Female: 3'2" - 4'1"

Weight (4d10)

Male:  80 - 120 lbs
Female: 65 - 105 lbs

Skin: Dark olive or yellow like parchment, often covered in boils and scars
Eyes: Watery blue, green, hazel
Hair: Dirty blond, dull brown
Lifespan:  134 - 200 yr
Starting age: 30
Alignment: CN, any

Adult Middle Old Venerable
30 134 150 200+


  • Known for being stupid and obnoxious, most races, particularily the Elves, will not tolerate their presence.
  • Outside of scavaging they survive mostly by stealing, cheating, and lying from their own and other races.