Environment: Surface - typically mountains and meadows
Range: Isolated (c1 tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height (M 1d12)

Male: 5' - 6'
Female: 4'6" - 5'6"

Weight (3d10)

Male: 85 - 115 lbs
Female: 75 - 105 lbs

Skin: Alabaster
Eyes: Amber, violet
Hair: Silver, golden
Lifespan: 210 - 925 yr
Starting age: 80
Alignment: Any - typically lawful, often neutral

Adult Middle Old Venerable
120 210 300 425+


  • The most reclusive and longest living of the elves.
  • There is little variance in their colouration as silver-haired grey elves will have amber eyes and those with golden hair will have violent, all with pale skin.
  • It is said that the "faerie", or the grey elves with golden hair, were the first to make contact with mankind.
  • They are the least tolerant of other races and believe strongly in maintaining the purity of their bloodlines. They consider themselves the purist and will not normally mingle with non-elven races, and are the least common to lie with anything other than their own.
  • Their magnificent citadels are protected by grand magics. It is rare that their cities are discovered by outsiders, and a high-level forgetspell usually takes care of the exception.
  • Of all other races it is the grey elf that most desires the power of knowledge.
  • While the gender of their monarch can be either male or female, and does not matter to them which, it is inherited.