Environment: Surface, semi-surface, woodland
Range: Isolated, reclusive (c1 tooltip)
Diet: Omnivore
Height (S 1d6)

Male: 2' - 2'6"
Female: 1'10" - 2'4"

Weight (5d4)

Male: 26 - 46 lbs
Female: 21 - 41 lbs

Skin: Tan with a greenish overcast, ruddy
Eyes: Brown, blue, rarely green
Hair: Brown or black, greys with age
Lifespan: 133 - 500 yr
Starting age: Indiscriminate and based upon ability
Alignment: NG

Adult Middle Old Venerable
100 133 200 390+


  • Sometimes mistaken for brownies by humans.
  • These gnome prefer to live in cosy homes that are mostly, or entirely, above ground. Otherwise they will create vertical tunnels within trees when larger ones are available.
  • They are very shy and nervous, and wanderers stumbling across their encampments may drive them to migrate.
  • In spite of that, they are extremely friendly and very, very fond of elves. If not frightened away they are willing to lend aid to adventurers.
  • They are the only gnomes known to wear their hair long. In fact, many older males may let it grow, primarily their beards, within a few inches of the ground.
  • As wire jewellers they enjoy crafting delicate items with gems cut into the shapes of birds and butterflies. As wood carvers their skill is unmatched.
  • Excepting meat, forest gnome eat their food raw and scorn those who use traps
  • In spite of their shyness they hate orc so much that they will ambush and mercilessly kill those that come close to their lands.