Environment: Subterranean, the surface world during the night, and (uncommon) dark forestry
Range: Scattered, isolated (c1, c4 tooltip)
Diet: Omni-vermivore (notably roots and fungi such as mushroom)
Height (M 1d10)

Male: 4'2" - 5'
Female: 4'6" - 5'4"

Weight (3d10)

Male: 80 - 110 lbs
Female:  95 - 125 lbs

Skin: Obsidian
Eyes: Glowing red, (uncommon) varying shades of purple or rose
Hair: White
Lifespan:  140 - 525 yr
Starting age: 80
Alignment: CE, (rare) any up to CG

Adult Middle Old Venerable
80 140 190 225+

  • Drow society is usually matriarchal.
  • The firey glow may subside in non-evil aligned drow. It is rare, and more often occurs at young ages if it does at all. Even rarer are they born with other coloured eyes.
  • Above all other elves they are more inclined to breed.
  • They are the shortest of the elves and males often do not grow to heights above 4'5".
  • A drow's shape differs from that of other elves as they are more slender (while being physically stronger), have longer fingers, toes, and narrow, chiselled features unique to their race. Often times they appear more athletic as visible muscle has a higher tendency to show. Their hair is usually significantly thicker and sometimes coarse.
  • However, like other elves, their teeth are flat and they lack canines.
  • Their craft is renowned in the surface world however once brought up the items seldom last. Materials decay over a period of one to twelve days, magical items such as rings or weapons may persist for up to fifty before they revert to normal items. Drow poisons are the most sought after trade. These poisons can last up to a year in an airtight container and lose potency over the course of sixty days, and are destroyed instantly if exposed to sunlight.