Environment: Pelagic
Range: Ubiquitous (tooltip)
Diet: Piscivore
Height (M 1d8)

Male: 5'6" - 6'3"
Female: 5'3" - 6'

Weight (2d12)

Male:  97 - 121 lbs
Female:  87 - 111 lbs

Skin: Various greens, rarely with a faint blue
Eyes: Blue, silver
Hair: Blue, green
Lifespan:  160 - 600 yr
Starting age: 90
Alignment: CG

Adult Middle Old Venerable
100 160 220 300+


  • They can exist outside of water for short periods. Over time, it becomes increasingly more painful to be in open air over the period of a few days.
  • Those who reside in open waters (as some choose lakes and rivers over the ocean) are primarily responsible for keeping the waters safe.
  • Feared often by pirates.
  • Welcoming of any elvish race excepting Drow - they are fond of their land dwelling cousins.
  • The tallest of the elves, they usually reach heights over 6'.